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LA FOOD BANK’S UCB Hunger Fight 2012, Another Holiday Edition: This Time, It’s Still Personal.



UCB Corps was back at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank on Saturday, 12/15/2012 to totally ROCK* the food package assembly line. All of the completed packages from the day are going to be sent out to the over 23,000 low income seniors, and women with infants and children in Los Angeles county.

…and, not that it was a competition or anything**, but UCB totally completed more packages than the other volunteer group (don’t worry Raytheon, we ALL won in heart!***).

The food bank accepts help from volunteers all year round. Click here for more information on how you can be a part of it.

*For real, though. There was a DJ and everything.
**It was.
***Just not packages.

This was the last big UCB Corps event for 2012 and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the turnout here, and at every event we have had thus far. Corps members consistently BRING IT and we can’t wait to let you guys in on what’s in store for 2013!

On November 11, The CORPS partnered with the Los Angeles-based organization Free Arts for Abused Children for the day. CMs (and improv experts!) Michael (Mookie) Blaiklock, Pam Murphy, Dannah Phirman, Amanda Sitko, Greg Tuculescu, and Joe Wengert were recruited to host an improv day at the all-girls high school housed within Aviva Family & Children’s Services.

Each CM led his or her own exercise from the UCB core curriculum. From “One Word Story” to “Crazy 8s,” the girls got a crash course of the core elements of successful improv: agreement and scream-counting down from eight.

Free Arts was founded in 1977 by Carolyn Sargent and Elda Unger to provide abused and at-risk children with a safe space for creative expression.

Aviva High School is one of the only all-girl, nonpublic schools in Los Angeles, CA. Accredited since 2006, the school’s curriculum is geared specifically toward teen girls in need of special academic, emotional, and behavioral support to maximize their educational potential.